RYDLYME MARINE was tailor made to offer a solution for the marine industry. Proven to cut through calcium, rust and buildup. There are many applications for it.

Oil rigs

- Drilling Rigs
- Production Platforms
- FLNG Facilites

Super Yachts

- Flushing Engines
- Cooling Systems
- AC Units


- Bow Thrusters
- Air Compressors
- Fire Mains

Naval Ships

- Cylinder Jackets
- Desalination Units
- Cooling Systems

Recreational Boats

- Flushing Engines
- Water Pumps
- Scale Removal

Cruise Ships

- Boilers
- Evaporators
- Feed Water Heaters


- Lube Oil Coolers
- Keel Coolers
- Water Pumps

Tug Boats

- Radiators
- Trusters
- Engine Cooling


- Evaporators
- Heat Exchangers
- Sea water systems

Fishing Vessels

- Waste water piping
- Air Compressors
- Chillers

Support Boats

- Transmission Coolers
- Feed Water Heaters
- Lube oil coolers


- Tube Bundles
- Sea water systems
- Boilers

Interested in Rydlyme Industrial products?

We have another product tailored specifically for our land based industrial customers, with a special formula to cut through buildup to keep your equipment running like new. 

Why Rydlyme?

RYDLYME was developed in 1942 and has grown to be the product of choice for customers in nearly all industry categories. RYDLYME is an extremely innovative and unique solution fortified with wetting and penetrating agents to actually dissolve deposits into solution, like sugar in coffee. This revolutionary liquid is time tested and proven to be the safest and most cost-effective solution for fouled equipment or systems. Thanks to our valued customers, RYDLYME is now the: 

"World's Leading Biodegradable Descaler!"


Rydlyme is non corrosive and can be used on a variety of materials.  It will not erode, pit oxidise or have other deleterious effects on metals or materials such as:

What our Customers say


"Anyone in the marine industry knows how fast equipment ceases up without the right care and preventative maintenance. We have used Rydlyme Marine for years now, flushing our engines with it regularly keeps out out boat running like a dream - Less maintenance, more fishing!"